"Swan Lake"-Hallstatt, Austria
"Sunset over Bonnets of Blue"-Willow City Loop, Texas
"A New Beginning"-Muleshoe Bend, Texas
"Yosemite Valley"-Yosemite, California
"Fall Highway"-Shenandoah National Park
"New Horizons"-Mauritius
"Beach on the Rocks"-Antigua
"Skógafoss One"-Iceland
"Skógafoss Two"-Iceland
"Diamond Beach Sunset"-Iceland
"Tree of Life"-Texas
"Lotus"-Kushinagar, India
"Petal"-Kushinagar, India
"Sunset on the Green"-Irving, Texas
"Nature's Design"-Hill Country, Texas
"Cormorant"-Xingping, China
"Icelandic Current"-Iceland
Untitled-Glacier Lagoon, Iceland
Untitled-Glacier Lagoon, Iceland
Untitled-Diamond Beach, Iceland
Untitled-Cape Town, South Africa
Untitled-Bali, Indonesia
Untitled-Bali, Indonesia

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